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INDYProjectCon 2019 Schedule :: Laura Barnard

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Laura Barnard

Appearing Friday/Saturday

Laura has been helping business leaders get the results they crave using the power of project management for the last 24 years. She spent 15 of those years as a PMO leader on the inside and the last 5 helping businesses accelerate their growth through her consulting practice. She runs several training and membership programs to help you grow your PM and PMO competency with a deliberate focus on driving high-IMPACT outcomes on every project. She shares her insights and stories in her blog titled, “I wish I had me when I was you… ” where she is shaking up the way the industry thinks about the PMO role in driving strategy realization. Laura welcomes you to join her community of IMPACT Drivers. You can learn more at

9:45 am

PMO Expert Panel :: Waters B
Laura Barnard, Michael Hannan, Andy Jordan, Lee Lambert, Mark Perry
Friday May 10, 2019 :: 9:45 am to 10:45 am

1:15 pm

KEYNOTE :: Can't We All Just Get Along? :: Waters A/B
Laura Barnard, Jesse Fewell
Friday May 10, 2019 :: 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm

8:00 am

A Holistic Approach to Becoming a World-Class PMO (Full Day) :: Creekside A
Laura Barnard, Andy Jordan, Mark Perry
Saturday May 11, 2019 :: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Schedule, sessions, and speakers are subject to change at any time w/o prior notice.