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INDYProjectCon 2019 Schedule :: Stacy Sallmen

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Stacy Sallmen

Appearing Friday

Stacy Sallmen, an International Gallup Strengths Coach focuses on guiding individuals and building high performance teams. At Stacy’s core, she believes everyone has their own unique magic that can be unleashed; you just have to tap into their top talents. Stacy’s 18 years of corporate and non-profit experience, along with a natural talent for gathering insights, developing leadership, and building roadmaps for individuals, teams, and organizations has served as an asset in her role as an Agile enthusiast at multiple organizations. Stacy cares about people, and has a true desire to serve them. Stacy’s innate motivation, her desire to help people live out their best lives, and creating better organizations is at the heart of her magic.

Stacy also founded, Esther Be, a Global Women’s Revolution. At The Esther Be Society, the goal and pursuit is to connect women around the world to lead our generations out of exile through the release of shame, guilt and fear. Connecting with women in 196 countries, sharing our stories, seeking to understand our cultures allows us participate in transforming the world for women, and flipping the script on how society works today.

3:45 pm

Strengths Based Teams – Why the Me in Team is a Game Changer :: Waters C
Stacy Sallmen
Friday May 10, 2019 :: 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm

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